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 Chemical Cleaning Of Mobilizers In Edible Oil Plants

Chemical Cleaning Of Mobilizers In Edible Oil Plants

Adhiam with its CIP system cleans most of the Heat Exchangers apart from the Plate heat exchangers as per the request of our customer.

One such requirement has come to us for CIP cleaning of the Mobilizers in the Edible Oil plants. We could do the chemical cleaning to various Edible oil plants in Krishnapatinam Industrial area, Telugana State.

The coil inside the tank is almost choked and the heat transfer is not effectively happening in the tank and hence the production time is increased. After the chemical cleaning of the coil, the performance is increased to 80% and the time required is reduced drastically .

It is recommended by the Plant Personnel to do the cleaning of the coil once in 6 months to reduce the scale and hence to increase the heat transfer efficiency.

Three of edible oil customers have given AMC contract for the same. As Adhiam is having experienced technicians and engineers for chemical cleaning of heat exchangers and the process for CIP remain similar to the Heat Exchanger , but here  the number of hours circulation is more due to heavy scales in the coil .

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