Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Are you looking for Hydraulic Oil Cooler manufacturers in Chennai? We are the best Hydraulic Oil Cooler manufacturers in India.Hydraulic systems are found in wide range of applications –Presses, Power Pack, Stamping Machines, machine tools, rolling line, building machinery etc.

The efficiency of process in Industry like – Paper, Cement, Plastic  injection moulding , mechanical workshops largely depends on proper working of Hydraulic systems.

For proper working of Hydraulic systems , the systems with well designed  oil cooler is needed . A lot of energy is lost in the form of heat when oil is compressed and the chemical physical properties of oil  varies with  increase in temperature.  It is necessary to maintain the oil properties which will help in avoiding the damage to seals, bearings , increased wear on pumps etc.

Adhiam offer Plate type oil cooler WITH BELOW DESIGN FEATURES.

  • Compact–  Reduction in Space Requirements
  • High Heat Transfer Efficiency- Reduction In Material requirement
  • Flexible – Easy to add capacity by adding plates
  • Easy Maintenance—Easy to open and clean with 100% access on surface.
  • High Material Quality— SS316  as Plate MOC and NBR  as Gasket Material.
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