The  Port filter  is  generally manufactured in the  perforated mesh metal of a cylindrical  shape for inserting in the port holes. The length of port filter will be to  the total length of the plate pack. The end shall be stiffened with stiffener and the same stiffener can act  as  fixture during the operation and also act as sealing  preventing debris from entering between filter body and plate pack.  This  ring  as flat surface helps for gasket sealing.


  1. Prevents clogging
  2. Easy installlations
  3. Easy to service
  4. Minimized down time

Technical specifications

  1. Material : AISI 316, Titanium, Hastelloy C 276, SMO 254
  2. Mesh size : 1.5 mm to 3 mm with corresponding pitch providing open surface of 40% approx..
  3. Body thickness : 1mm , 2 mm
  4. Stiffener thickness : 3 -6 mm


port filter is used to prevent foreign objects from entering and causing clogging of the plate heat exchanger.

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