CIP cleaning- Cleaning In Place Cleaning

Adhiam CIP systems simplifies the maintaining the heat exchanger efficiency of heat exchangers.

All type of heat exchangers needs to be cleaned regularly to remove the scale, sludge and other particles which may deposit in the surface of the heat transfer area. Even thin coating on the surface will reduce the heat transfer efficiency.

Cleaning in place is a cleaning procedure without dismantling the plates from frame and circulating preselected cleaning agent in the reverse direction and then draining of the cleaning agent, if necessary

rinsed with water.


The slow circulation of cleaning solution helps in complete or partial dissolving or destruction of the deposits due to chelating or due to the chemical reaction between cleaning solution and fouling deposit. Those deposits are removed in the continuous re circulation.

Features of Adhiam CIP

  1. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel
  2. Robust design
  3. Stainless steel pump, SS ball valve at suction and discharge
  4. Vertical tank in stainless steel SS304
  5. Digital temperature indicator & controller
  6. Electric heater : Industrial coil type with SS304, temperature range upto 90 Deg c.
  7. Skid mounted system.


Adhiam CIP can be used for all types of heat exchangers including welded plate heat exchanger, spiral , shell and tube heat exchangers, gasket type heat exchangers.

Standard Models

CIP100, CIP 200, CIP 500 ,CIP 1000, CIP 1500, CIP2000

Tailor made system can be manufactured as per the requirement.

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