Quality Management – The Key to Success.

Adhiam aim to deliver the right solutions to customer first time-every time.

As a Manufacturer of Industrial Heat Exchangers and service providers for all brands of plate heat exchangers, we are committed to achieve customer satisfaction in the complete cycle of the work process . Both management and employees at all level give due importance for the quality of the products we supply.

We take our corporate responsibility to protect the environment with best practices available .

Health , Safety and Environmental Policy

We are fully committed to Health, Safety  and Environment across our operation. This applies to all our employees  and everyone who works with us and live with the community we operate. To accomplish , we will

  • Identify , assess and manage the environmental , health and safety risks and  impacts of our operations.
  • Provide training,information, instructions, consultation related to safety to all employees.
  • Encourage employees to contribute to the improvement process.
  • Comply with applicable environmental, health and  safety laws and regulations.
  • Comply with the defined client requirements and procedures.
  • Make employees to recognize that no task is so important that it be performed at the risk of health and safety.
  • Provide internal standards to all where controlling laws and regulations do not exist or considered as insufficient.
  • Identify the hazards in all activities and seeking to eradicate or control them.
  • Promote the conservation of energy and natural resources and reduce waste.





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