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Electro chlorination System


Adhiam have expertise team and the team have rich experience in Process Development, Scale up & Pilot plant study, Process Design, Equipment sizing, Basic & Detail Engineering and Project Management. Predominantly we are focusing in Electrochemical Plants. Our Team have exposure in designing and Installation of many Electrochloriantion systems in India and abroad.



Adhiam is equipped to provide complete solutions to prevent marine growth in equipment and pipelines. It’s a general concern of the user as to the quality of the product bought from the market. With our in-depth technical expertise and experience in Electrolyser design, Plant design and Project Execution, Adhiam has the necessary capability to deliver superior value and quality.

Our Electrochlorination systems are custom made to meet each client’s individual needs by the option of  selecting the following.

  • Number of Electrolysers

  • Number cells per Electrolyser

  • Size of cell and it’s anode area.

  • Operating Current density

Special features of the Electrolysers are given below.

  • Highly efficient design for minimum power consumption (Saving is between 5% to 10%)

  • Compact Electrolysers designed for minimum space requirements

  • Optimisation of cell parameters such as electrode sizes, thickness, electrolytic gap and      Anode coating options

  • Durable Materials of Construction for low maintenance and long service.

  • Parallel Plate Electrolysers

  • Concentric Tube Electrolysers

  • Anode Module

  • Cathode Module. Bi-polar Electrodes.

  • Electrochlorination for Seawater Electrolysis.

  • Electrochlorination for Brine Electrolysis.

  • Electrochlorination for Ballast Water Treatment.

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Procurement

  • Construction

  • Training

  • Recovery and Rebuild

  • Plant performance audit/ assessment

  • Evaluation of plant safety and incident investigation

  • Optimization of energy and utility consumption

  • Commissioning, start-up procedures

  • Evaluation and resolution of maintenance issues.

Salient Features
  • On-site, On-demand Sodium hypochlorite generation.

  • Safe and efficient alternative to traditional elemental chlorine gas

  • Eliminates dependence on problems inherent in transport and handling chlorine cylinders and bulk hypochlorite.

  • Completely effective on all potential aquatic invasive species

  • Economical production based on actual demand

  • Efficient injection and dosing controls.

  • Fully automated minimizes operator intervention.

  • Certification for electrical area classifications.

  • Commitment to technical improvements in design to provide increased performance.

  • Specific design for mounting on all ships including the largest bulk carriers and tankers.


  • Municipal water, industrial water, waste water disinfection.

  • Marine growth prevention / anti-biofouling in seawater intake circuit.
  • Fire water.

  • Ballast water treatment.


Facilities Included


  • Desalination plants
  • Power plants
  • Marine
  • Offshore platforms

  • Water treatment plants
  • Waste water and sewage water treatment plants
  • Any coastal located plants.

Types of Electrochlorinator

Sea Water Electrochlorinator

Continuous production electrochlorinator- Sea Water based is designed for high capacity production of sodium hypochlorite solution from sea water.

Brine Electrochlorinator

Continuous production electrochlorinator- Brine based systems are designed for high capacity production of sodium hypochlorite solution from brine water.

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