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Spiral Heat Exchanger

spiral heat exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchanger

The Spiral Heat  Exchanger is a simple design and tailor made as per the applications. Spacer Studs are flash welded in a special stud welding machine on the two long strips that comprise heating surface. The two strips are joined by welding in the centre of a retractable mandrel.

Rotation of the mandrel on special rolling machine wraps up the strips to form the basic spiral element.While wrapping takes place, one edge of each strip is flanged to form the closing  when wrapping completed, plates are welded to seal once side of the  each passage.

To form a flange for attaching the covers, a bar with a special cross section is fitted to the periphery on each side of the spiral element. A header is welded on at the outer end of each passage to accommodate the respective peripheral nozzles.  The End cover with nozzle  fitted at the centre of end cover is covered on both sides. The overall gasket is placed with cover and hook bolts or welded depends on applications.

Spiral heat exchangers are horizontally or vertically mounted and fitted with removable covers or welded extensions to make three different flow patterns for liquid to liquid or vapor to liquid services.

Customised Solutions: 

The design, size and shape of the spiral heat exchangers can be customised to suit the specific applications.

Principles of operation

principle of operation

Condenser Application

condenser application

Typical Sketch Of Condenser

typical sketch of condenser
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