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since 2005

Since the inception in year 2005, Adhiam have achieved unprecedented success in this business sphere and have been offering products and services to several OEM and Contractors. Adhiam is having extensive experience in the promotion of products for various industries in cooperation with our technical partners with Europe and USA.

Compact Heat Exchanger

We provide all products, spares and services for Plate type Heat exchanger and several others for major industries such as Chemical, food, steel and power, etc.

Titanium Fabrication & Coating

We are capable using exotic metals for fabrication and/or coating of Equipment like Heat Exchangers, piping, vessels and tanks.

Solar Energy Products

Providing Solar water heating systems for various industrial applications, in collaboration with reputed ISO certified companies.

Other Projects

We also work on several special application projects customized to client needs based on provided design and specifications. Some of our successful projects are Utility cooling systems, heat recovery systems and other Thermal engineering projects.

Compact Heat Exchanger Division

Plate Heat Exchangers

Adhiam Thermal Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the reputed company in the field of thermally engineering that offers High Performance thermal efficient and cost effective compact Heat Exchangers in association with reputed European & American MNCs since its incorporation year 2005.

Numerous Production processes could not even exist without the targeted removal of Heat or Cold. More emphasis is being given by Adhiam on this thermal area considering the technical and economical optimization.


Conventional Gasket Type
Plate Heat Exchanger

More than 50 sizes Multiple pattern Options... Plate MOC: AISI304, Hastelloy C 276 , Titanium. Gasket MOC : NBR, NBR Peroxide cured, HNBR, EPDM, EPDM -P, Viton A , Viton G etc
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free flow heat exchangers

Free Flow Wide Gap
Plate Heat Exchanger

The plates contour move in parallel with each other and do not meet.
The plates finish confirms to 3A standards. Plate gap range from 5 mm to 12 mm – all throughout - Free flow.
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Spiral Heat Exchangers

Spiral Heat Exchanger

Manufacturing is done by rolling two sheets around a centre core to form two concentric spiral passage. The sides are welded and forms two passage . one for hot and another for cold fluid.
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Semi welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Semi Welded Twin
Plate Heat Exchanger

Two plates are laser welded with each other and are called as a twin plate or cassette. These two cassettes when joined, from channel where other fluid flows.
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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger

Brazed plate Heat Exchanger is constructed of a series of Pressed corrugated plates made of stainless steel plates that are stacked one over other with copper foil in between for Joining and kept in oven for brazing together.
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Heatex Coil Type
Heat Exchanger

The plates are laser welded ‒ Resistant spot welding of two sheets and then subsequently inflating with high pressure air in order to obtain internal channels for the fluid to flow.
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Our Manufacturing unit is capable of fabricating Plate Heat Exchangers or other  products using high grade exotic metals such as Titanium, Nickel, Hastelloy C 276, Monel, Inconel, Incolloy etc… To know more about Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger –  Click here..

We supply solar Water heating systems to various Industries in association with well with reputed company who are ISO certified. SWH provide good payback. As a system integrator of solar PV devices, we have been installing various Solar PV power plant of capacity starting from 1 KW .

Special Projects

We have worked on special projects for specific client needs. Our competent teams were able to provide innovative and efficient solutions and delivered it on time.

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Adhiam has achieved unprecedented success in this business sphere and has been offering products and services to several OEMs and Contractors. Adhiam’s has extensive experience in promotion of these products to various industries in cooperation with our technical partners.

Lets’s  get in touch and find the best solution for your business needs.


Success Stories


Adhiamʼs expertise and experiences in combination and our relationship with American & European companies with their wide range of products, allows us to ensure that custom made product can be offered to customers with optimum and reliable results.
Success story 1 - PHE

Massive 350mm Connection Size - PHE Delivered to a Major Oil and Gas Company

We have manufactured plate heat exchanger frame of 350mm connection size for one of the major oil and gas companies in Gujarat.
The frames were tested to withstand pressures of up to 16 bars.
455 plates were used in this Heat exchanger .
SS316 Material was used for fabrication of plates with EPDM Gaskets were used .

Highlight :
Our team is one if the very few companies in India to manufacture Plate Heat exchangers of this size.

Success Story - PHE

Titanium Plate Heat Exchanger

We have supplied Titanium Plate heat exchanger of 200mm Connection size to One of a public sector Unit in gujarat.

Highlight :
Our team is one if the very few companies in India to manufacture Plate Heat exchangers of this size.

Serving the needs of

Major Industries

Numerous Production & industrial processes could not even exist without the targeted removal of Heat or Cold. More emphasis is being given by adhiam on this thermal area considering the technical and economical optimization.

To provide energy efficient products , energy recovery systems and renewable energy systems for our customers and contributing green environment.

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DairyBrewery/BrewingSoft DrinkJuice/Fruit Processing
Milk or Cream PasteurizationWort BoilingSyrup PasteurizationJuice Pasteurization
Milk ReceptionWort CoolingWater HeatingNectar Pasteurization
Cultured Milk Treatment (Ice Cream or Cheese Treatment)Beer CoolingSugar DissolvingPasteurization of Concentrates
UHTBeer PasteurizationCooling of Final Product
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RefineryMTBEAlkylotionOil & GasDehydration/DesolvingDesulphurization
Brine CoolingProduct Heating/Cooling/InterchangingHeating/Cooling of Corrosive FluidsSea Water CoolersCrude Oil Cooling/InterchangingLean/rich Fluid Interchanger & Cooler
Crude Oil/Water InterchangerJacket Water CoolingIsobutene Condenser & Reactor InterchangerCrude Oil Heat TreatmentCrude Oil/Water InterchangerAcid Gas Condenser
Treated/Untreated Crude InterchangerJacket Water CondensingWater Interchanger
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MethanolPropylene OxideEthylene GlycolEthylene OxideEthylene-PropyleneFormaldehyde
Preheating WaterSodium Hydroxide CoolingProduct CoolingLean/rich Cycle Water InterchangerWater Cooling & HeatingMethanol Preheating
Water CoolingReaction Mixture CoolingReactor Feed HeaterLean Cycle Water CoolerPropylene Condensers & CoolersFormalin Cooling
Liquid Product CoolingHeat RecoveryReactor Feed InterchangerNaphtha PreheatingWater Cooling
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Acrylic Fibers Nylon Polyester Polyethelene Polyol Polypropylene Ployurathane Viscose
Heating/Cooling SolventsWater Cooling/HeatingGlycol CoolingPelleter WaterWater Cooling & HeatingCirculating Matter CoolingHeating/Cooling of PolyolHeating/Cooling of NaOH
Reactor CoolingNylon Salt CoolingSolvent HeatingCooling Water SystemsReactor Feed Heating/CoolingPellet, Refrigerated Matter coolingHeating/Cooling IsocyanateHeating/Cooling Viscose & acids
Condensers & InterchangersPolyol Product CoolingCondensers and InterchangersHeating of Spin Bath Solution
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Solvents Reactor Control
Product Heating/CoolingHeating Jacketed Reactor
Cooling Water SystemsCondensers & Interchangers
Hot Water Systems
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Mining Automotive Pulp & Paper Textiles Vegetable Oil Sugar Processing
Plating Heaters/CoolersPickling – Heating/Cooling Sulfuric & Hydrocholoric AcidBlowdown Liquor CoolersHeat RecoveryProduct Heating/CoolingWater Heating/Cooling
Analyzing Heaters/CoolersAcid Heating/CoolingCaustic Soda CoolersCaustic Solution HeatingProduct EconomizingJuice/Syrup/Molasses Heating
Strike Solution CoolingRinsing – Heating rinsing waterBlack Liquor HeatingCooling WashersHot/Cold Water SystemJuice Demineralization
Quench Oil CoolersPhosphatizing – Phosphoric acid solution heatingBoiler Blowdown Heat RecoveryWaste Water TreatmentJuice Evaporation
Hydrogen Peroxide/Titanium DioxidePassivating – Heat & maintain passicating bath temperature.
Chloride Alkaline, Soda Ash, SteelPriming & Painting – heat and maintain paint temperature

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       Energy & Power

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HVAC – Heating/Air Conditioning

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Auxiliary Cooling Circuit IsolationCooling Tower IsolationSeawater Isolation Exchanger
Co-generation applicationsFree CoolingCentral Cooling
Geothermal ApplicationsHeat Pump SystemsJacket Fresh Water Cooling
Lubrication Oil CoolingSea Water IsolationLube Oil Cooling
Diesel Engine CoolingThermal Storage SystemsCamshaft Lube
Heat RecoveryPressure InterceptorOil Cooling
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