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Heat Recovery systems

heat recovery systems

Energy conservation and emissions reduction is one of the important measures for any process plants, power plant, steel , Automotive, Food , Pharma plants, Textiles, Electronics  etc..

Along with the rising coal prices, the price of saturated steam stays high. The rising energy costs compress the profit margins of the enterprise further.

Adhiam supports in recovering the heat energy from the waste water with available heat exchangers. As far as plate heat exchanger is concerned, its feature of close temperature approach, the maximum heat can be recovered.

Waste water with high temperature comes from the production process of dyeing and printing factory includes the condensate water, cooling water and dyeing and printing waste water. The energy of the water is valuable. The temperature of the condensate water is nearly 100℃ and the dyeing and printing waste water is nearly 60℃ [4]. Most of the hot water is directly discharged without recycling use. This causes the rise of the temperature of the sewage pool on the one hand and serious pollution and energy waste on the other hand.

Suitable systems with plate heat exchangers can be made for recovering the waste energy.

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