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Skid mounted fluid cooling systems

A skid-mounted fluid cooling system is a type of cooling system that is designed to be portable and easily installed on a skid or base. These systems are commonly used in industrial settings where cooling of fluids is necessary for equipment and processes.

Skid-mounted fluid cooling systems typically consist of a variety of components, including heat exchangers, pumps, tanks, and control systems. These components are mounted on a skid or base, which can be easily transported to the desired location.

One of the primary benefits of skid-mounted fluid cooling systems is their ease of installation. Because the system is pre-assembled on a skid or base, it can be quickly and easily installed at the desired location without the need for extensive site preparation or custom engineering.

Recent Projects

Utility cooling systems

Many chemical , petrochemical , heavy engineering industries,customer prefer closed loop cooling systems.

Recovery from the compressor

In a water cooled , oil free aircompressor, the hot water will be at 90 degc temperature. 

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